by Rae Cook

Relating to the phrases within each frame, the viewer participates in reflective storytelling by creating relationships between the central textual image and the surrounding frame by using their own perceptions and experiences as a medium for interpretation.

Exterior - Letterpressed crane paper adhered to hand-cut wooden frames.
Interior - Screen printed both sides of Plexiglas pane to create shadows with overlapping prints and on wall.

Better photos of old work!


Artist Name: Rae  Cook


 stacking flowers
exploring the possibilities of layering a single image.

Wowsers, some of my work was featured on Tumblr Open Arts! Week made.

John and Karli

a really chill couple and their rad dog, Sully.
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please and no thank you

i take my social ques from cats. they know exactly what they’re about. there is even a song about it in The Aristocats. if that’s not official, i don’t know what is…

a few more city girls for city salon and spa of athens.

i wish i was as happy as this damn hippo

that guy looks pretty puh-leased. i bet he just had a chocolate shake and a foot rub. or whatever hippos love…

I am a sick lady and a little out of my mind, but thanks so much for all of your support! I may be coughing up a lung and snotting on my cats (they love it), but I hope that my thanx spanx are in perfect working condition and that you’re receiving the buttloads of positive vibes and gratitude I am sending your way without my yucky germs.

bon voyage


oh hey, remember that blog i told you about? the one where i talk about OTHER artists?
we have a submission form now!


You now have the opportunity to submit artists you know and love, or even your own art to TheLionSide. Just check out the options on the top our page and click (then a few more steps after that because we can’t just read your mind, yet). We also added an ASK button, because questions!


While promoting my own work on tumblr, I’ve come across some really amazing artists. And yes, I follow the crap out of people, but where do they go? They start piling up on my dashboard, and I think they deserve more spotlight than that a two-second scroll over. So, I’ve started this tumblr called thelionside, where I feature emerging artists, from ‘fresh as a daisy’  to ‘sort-of somebody,’ and some information about them. I hope you have a chance to check it out! 
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