i’ve been staring so hard at crappy images on a computer screen at work that my brain started oozing out of my ears and in order to recuperate i neglected all of you wonderful tumble-turds. but now i am free. we can be together again. 

Alice and the Dinoswords

i’ve been working on a little something with a friend for the past few months. she is moving to new york though, so i made her this to inspire long-distance communication so that we might finish it one day.

Pet Portrait for Jes H.

i love drawing dogs. they’re expressive and fun and come in many different sizes. but when are the crazy cat people going to start asking for pet portraits? i was born to draw cats!

wedding invitation

a friend of mine is getting married this summer in south korea. he asked me to make his ‘please come in spirit’ wedding invitation for his english-speaking friends.

Got a new comic up over on DECLAWED! It is relevant to life and junk.


HELLO TO PARASITE SEASON! I have experienced at least two of these, and let’s just say I’ve never had to gouge an eye out. 


Bee Over Puppycat: Everyone’s new favorite yoga pose
Rae Cook

A very belated congrats on meeting your Kickstarter goal and then some! 

Thanks  Bee looks very flexible here! Haha. Keep up the great stuff! We love everyones submissions so much! 


My fan art was featured on the official Bee and Puppycat blog!!! One dream accomplished.

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i’ve never done this, but here is - a video of my honest-to-blog real life. a cat on a leash. thank you all for supporting me. i think sharing this moment will bring us closer as artists, humans, and cat-obsessed internet zombies.

my body is a temple of doom (sick, sick, sick)
by rae cook

allergies and a sinus infection are this season’s can of whoop-ass. the doctor told me not to go outside because it’s bad for me. yeah, i’m THAT person. hope you guys are faring better! 

by Rae Cook

Relating to the phrases within each frame, the viewer participates in reflective storytelling by creating relationships between the central textual image and the surrounding frame by using their own perceptions and experiences as a medium for interpretation.

Exterior - Letterpressed crane paper adhered to hand-cut wooden frames.
Interior - Screen printed both sides of Plexiglas pane to create shadows with overlapping prints and on wall.

Better photos of old work!


Artist Name: Rae  Cook

Tumblr: raecook.tumblr.com

 stacking flowers
exploring the possibilities of layering a single image.

Wowsers, some of my work was featured on Tumblr Open Arts! Week made.